Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Caroline!!

15 things I LOVE about you, Caroline . . .

I LOVE that you love books.  Looking over and seeing you flipping through the pages of a book always melts my heart, no matter how many times I see you do it.

I LOVE that you pull your passy out to say something and then put it right back in.  You already seem so deliberate with your "words".

I LOVE how happy you get around your brothers.  No one can make you laugh the way they can.

I LOVE, and Jack does too, that you have blue eyes and blond hair.  He is very fortunate to have a little sister that looks just like him (since his twin doesn't).

I LOVE that you love Cheetos as much as I do.  I wish you were a little nicer about insisting on getting them but . . .

I LOVE that you surprise people . . . well, doctors mostly.

I LOVE that you love Elmo.  I'm sure he would rather you not eat his face but I know he loves the hugs you give him while you're doing it.

I LOVE the way you get around the house.  Not being able to walk yet has not stopped you one bit.

I LOVE how you pose for pictures.  
Enough said! (those are her teeth marks on the table by the way)

I LOVE how you make other people light up.  Your smile is contagious!

I LOVE how you wake-up so peacefully in the morning.  There's nothing like waking up to you giggling and laughing.

I LOVE watching you try to climb over things that seem way too big for you to climb over.  No obstacle is too big for you.

I LOVE how you make "raspberries" in church.  I know I shouldn't, but I do!

I LOVE that you "speak your mind" and stand-up for yourself to your brothers.  You are certainly not afraid to let your opinion known.

I LOVE that you are an instrument of Christ.  The world is a better place because God allowed you to fight your way to where you are today.  You have changed the world baby girl!

Happy, Happy Birthday to the MOST AMAZING 2 year old I know.  I am blessed and proud everyday to get to call you my daughter!