Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jack- and James-O-Lanterns

We had a fun time tonight making the boys first Jack-O-Lanterns. And, so that James didn't feel left out, we had to call them James-O-Lanterns too! I think the boys were just excited to be on the table!

In case you're wondering . . . Yes, that is Jack eating the pumpkin pulp! And, this is him eating a big chunk of pumpkin!

Here are our finished products:

Guess which one is Jesse's!

The boys also got new Halloween PJ's! They looked so cute in them!

Poor James! One of Jack's favorite things to do is tackle James and then lay on him! James hasn't realized yet that he is much bigger and stronger than Jack. So, he usually just sits (or lays) there and cries until I get Jack off. I think it is pretty funny so it usually takes me a minute to remove him :)!

We're Expecting!

No, NOT Jesse and Me! My sister if FINALLY pregnant again. And, now that the Grandparents know, I have been given the green light to tell the world! I am so excited for them. Robert and Jennifer have been amazing parents to Lauren; anyone that has met her can attest to that. Lauren has been such a wonderful big cousin so I can't wait to see how great she will be with her little brother (she is praying for a boy!).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh, So Sick!

This has been the scene at my house for the last week:

This was Wednesday night at about 6:00 pm! We have been to the doctor three times in the last week and I have taken off 2 and a half days from school. The doctor thought James had Croupe and Jack was well on his way. That was Tuesday. This morning, after three days of being on antibiotics, James woke up with a temp of 103.4. So, we went back again today and they think he might have pneumonia. The antibiotic obviously wasn't working so they are putting James on a stronger antibiotic and they will both be taking something to help break up the fluid in their lungs. When we got home from the doctor, James pretty much passed out on the couch until dinner. Suddenly, for a reason that is still unknown, James started feeling better.

You can tell he still doesn't feel 100% but it is great to see him up off the couch. Jack has been pretty active most of the time even though his cough is still bad.

You can tell he still isn't feeling 100% either. By bath time, they were pretty much back to their regular selves!

Oh, Please let them have a strong desire to do the dishes :)!

We just put them down for bed and gave them all the new medicines! Please pray that they wake up feeling much better than they have the past week.

This picture is pretty unrelated. I just wanted to show off Jacks hair. It is getting so long (well, longer) and sometimes is even a little curly! So Cute!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Food Service Workers, Soccer, and Fraud!

Now that I have your attention . . .

Food Service Workers -
I bought the boys some wagons several months ago that came with a net bag full of random things. I thought they would like the things inside the bag the best but to my surprise, their favorite part of the gift is the bag (I am sure all you mothers out there are not surprised). They love wearing them on their heads. They bring them up to us and beg (without words:)) for us to put them on them. Then, they stand in front of us with these huge cheesy grins as if they are waiting for us to order something. I personally think they look like food service workers :)! What do you think?

My neice, Lauren, has started her second season of soccer. She has gotten very good and is very much a star in her little cousins eyes. Jack and James love spending time with their Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin and they for sure love going to see Lauren play. So much so that Jack ran on the field during play about 4 times!

Yep! She holds her own with all the boys. I think it is partially because they all have a crush on her!

Jack has just spotted Lauren. He held this pose for a good minute or two.
Here are some other pictures from the outing:

A lot of you already know by now but I thought I would warn you all about a scam that is going on. About a week ago, I realized that my DEBIT card number had been stolen. We are still not sure how it happened since Jesse and I are still in possession of both of our Debit cards. Whoever got the number got away with about $1000 from our checking account. The papers and the news stations have all been running stories about this type of thing happening. I wish I had a suggestion of how to help protect yourself but I haven't heard of one yet (besides only using cash and getting rid of all your cards). All I can say is check your accounts often. You might see strange charges from Austin, Roundrock, or Florida. We are still up in the air about what will happen but my sister assures me that we will get our money back.

On a side note, I have widgets on my school MAC that gives me a daily Bible verse. In the midst of dealing with all this banking stuff and some other random school things, my widget came up with this verse:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

This verse is definitely applicable to fraud :), but I think it is also helpfull in situations like this:

I know these boys are going to be co-valedictorians. They are so smart and can come up with a way to do anything they want to do. They definitely help keep the counters clean and clear!