Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun in the sandbox

For some reason, it didn't feel that hot outside yesterday afternoon so the boys and I went and played outside. They decided to play in the sandbox which is pretty unusual.

(I ended up putting a shade on the other side so it was
completely shaded inside the sandbox.)

Apparently, it was hotter than I thought because this is what Jack did as soon as we got inside.

Coloring Gone Wrong!

The boys insisted on coloring the other day (they don't do this very often) so I took off all their clothes and set up at the table. It started so innocently.

Very soon however, I noticed they weren't coloring their pages and had started coloring themselves.

Look how proud of themselves they are. Oh well, at least they were waterproof markers.

Making up for lost time

I was looking through my camera and found several pictures that were fun and outdated. I have been meaning to post them but this summer has gotten away from me. This first one is from when my parents were here in June. The boys had so much fun with their GiGi and PaPa. Recently, they have been insisting on seeing their picture on my computer. They SCREAM "GiGi, PaPa" at me until I put it on there.

(as I am tying this, they are sitting on either side of me looking at the picture saying, "Mommy, PaPa, Yeah! Mommy, PaPa, Yeah! Hi, PaPa, Hi, PaPa!")

They definitely love all their grandparents. We have a picture of them with Grandpa Chupp on the fridge and they both insist on playing with it and repeatedly say "Grandpa, Grandpa!"

The boys have also gotten very interested in lining up their cars. We find lines like this all around the house.

Here are some fun pictures of Cooper too. He is getting so big!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Longhorns in Aggieland? Say it isn't so!

Um, no, it's not. But, I have been meaning to post this picture for a while now. Somehow, my laying around the house for the past month has gotten in the way of me blogging (and doing just about anything else).

My parents were in town about a month ago to see Cooper and fortunately, they were here for my dad's birthday as well. He had a monumental birthday and we wanted to honor him by doing some of his favorite things. One of those favorite things is all things UT. He did actually get two degrees from there so it was the least we could do. So, all his grand kids wore UT gear all day. Isn't this a great picture? We had it put on some stationary for him as well.