Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Shower Game

Yesterday, Robert's sister and I threw Jennifer and Robert a baby shower. I was in charge of the games and since it was a couples shower, I wanted to pick something that everyone could participate in if they wanted to at their own leisure. One of the games went really well and since I hadn't seen it done anywhere else before, I thought I would share it with you all. It is very simple, you get photo's of famous people and superimpose a picture of a baby over the famous face. The object is to guess who the famous person is. Since there was a lot of family at this shower, I decided to make it a little more fun and put the faces of the grandkids on the famous people. Here is my final product. See if you can guess the famous people!








9. I couldn't bear to put one of our children's faces on this man's body so this is just a random baby!


Do you know who they are?

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Our weekends have been so busy this spring so we hadn't gotten a chance to take any bluebonnet pictures.  I was afraid that we were to late and had given up, and thought we were just going to have to skip it this year.  But, we took a chance and went out this morning to look for some.  Fortunately, we came upon the best little patch and got some great pictures.

Fun in a Box

Who knew a box would be so much fun!
James and Jack had so much fun playing with Lauren tonight (she had a lot of fun too).  They came across this box in the back yard and had to be torn away from it about an hour later.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday my Sweet Boys!

Happy 2nd Birthday James and Jack! (I'm a little late. Their birthday was April 6th.)

I can't believe two years has already past since the boys were born! It has been a wonderful two years and Jesse and I are so blessed to have these angels in our lives. It is amazing that we have gone from these little angels . . .

To these equally angelic toddlers . . .

10 things I LOVE about you, James:
10. What a great sleeper you are :)!
9. How you laugh like there is no tomorrow.
8. How you love your brother and take care of him. You are a true big brother even if it is by 1 minute.
7. How possessive you are. Whether it is me or your doggy. I love that you LOVE the things you love!
6. How passionate you are when you talk. We don't really know what you are saying but you say it with conviction!
5. How you run. You always look like you are racing someone in a marathon :)!
4. How much you love to snuggle on the couch or in the bed with me.
3. How you are just like your Grandpa Elsberry. You often look so pensive. I can tell you are going to dream up great things!
2. How you run up to me and hug my leg so tight!
1. How you look at me out of the corner of your eye just to let me know that you know I'm there.

10 things I LOVE about you, Jack:
10. What a great sleeper you are :)!
9. What a little dare devil you are. I have found you countless times on the TOP of a ladder.
8. How you say, "Hi . . . Mommy!" and "Hi . . . Daddy!"
7. How you LOVE bananas.
6. How much you love to read books.
5. How much you love your brother. Even though you are technically younger, you always look out for him.
4. How much you love your cousin Lauren.
3. How happy you are when daddy comes to get you in your crib in the morning.
2. How you remind me of your Great Grandpa Elsberry.
1. What a GREAT hugger you are. If you haven't gotten a hug from Jack, you haven't gotten a real hug!

1st Hair Cut, 2nd Hair Cut!

Well, it's about time. James' hair was getting longer and longer and the back of Jack's hair was getting very long as well. So, we went ahead and tackled two haircuts at once. Jack's doesn't look that different in the front but it is much shorter in the back. James was completely de-shagged! Unfortunately, Jack didn't want to have any part in the whole hair cut thing! This is the only picture I could get . . .

Thanks sister for your help! You were very patient and we couldn't have attempted this task without you!

We are much happier now and much more clean cut!