Saturday, January 28, 2012

Golden Gators

The boys were selected as "Golden Gators" for the 3rd 6 weeks. A "Golden Gator" is a student that is a model for other students in their class. We found out later that Lauren was also a "Golden Gator" for her class for the 3rd 6 weeks. Big day for the Elsberry grandkids!

The boys were SO proud of themselves.

Mrs. Dindot, the boys teacher, read why their classmates said they should be golden gators.

Jack is a great friend to everyone, he’s a good listener, he always helps and always follows directions on the rug."

James always follows directions in the classroom and in the hallway. He is nice to everyone and he always listens to the teacher. He is also a great helper during center time."

My favorite parts from the video . . . When Jack walks up to the podium and looks over at us and after Mrs. Dindot read what his classmates said about him and he did the awkward gator clap. I laugh everytime!

Just a little bit longer to donate to the American Heart Association. Go here to donate to James' and Jack's Jump rope for Heart day at school. They are almost half way to their goal!

Monday, January 23, 2012

American Heart Association

James and Jack are SUPER excited to participate in the American Heart Association's Jump rope for Heart program at their school. When they found out that the money they raise will go toward helping babies like Caroline who were born with heart defects, they couldn't wait to get started. They think that they can raise $200 together. Will you support them? They "jump" on February 17th and all proceeds go directly to the American Heart Association.

Click here to visit their personal page.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Christmas vacation

Our Christmas vacation started a little early. We headed up to Indiana to celebrate the life of Jesse's grandpa Chupp.

We were so thankful that Caroline got to meet her great grandma and great grandpa Chupp this past summer. Great Grandpa Chupp was an amazing, God fearing man and we are so glad we were able to be with all the Chupps as we celebrated his life.

(two Christmases ago)

The next week was spent with Grandma and Grandpa Chupp. There were a lot of stories read,

a fishing trip,

a first snow,

board games,

tractor drivin',

and even a bonfire.

We always have so much fun when we go to the Chupps!

The next week, we went to my parents house. My favorite picture of the trip was taken there. What a sweet face!

The boys and uncle Paul wasted no time and were absolute BFFs! They think he is the coolest dude ever! We went to see The Adventures of Tintin.

After Christmas Eve service (where the boys got to participate in the live nativity), we opened our Christmas Eve pjs.

(that face is what every parent hopes for when their child opens a present :).)

VERY excited for Santa to come!

Christmas Morning . . .

That face again!

Yes, it was a cooking set! The boy LOVES the foodnetwork!

And this one was very excited about the Darth Vader helmet. Caroline wasn't as excited as Jack was!

The Puckett's flew in on the 26th and we got to do Christmas all over again.

We celebrated our Christmas with everyone on Tuesday morning. I woke up to Jack yelling, "Mommy!
It's a white Christmas after all!!!" So sweet!

We got all bundled up and went to play in the snow before presents. Turns out Papa was the all time snow ball fight champion when he was a kid.

He was a pro!

Then back inside for MORE presents!

After presents, it was still snowing so we went back outside for a photo op. I love these pictures!

All the kids got these awesome guns from the Pucketts. They had a blast playing with them. Lauren is NOT playing around!

The last few days of the trip were spent at Jesse's sister's house. Caroline loved hanging out with her uncles

and her cousin Anna who is one of the most awesome kids I have ever met!

She's trying really hard not to be jealous of cousin Lily!
Jack was in hog heaven with all the babies he got to hold!

We got to spend a couple hours with Jesse's Grandma and Grandpa Schrock.

Grandma and Grandpa Schrock with all the Greg Chupp grandkids.

And this picture was on the last night in the hotel room. No bathtub and a desperately needed bath . . .

We packed a lot in to three weeks! We had a GREAT time but we were SO ready to be home!