Sunday, June 26, 2011

A family vacay at the river

My parents came down to Texas and met us and my sister and her family at the Nueces River in Camp Wood, Texas. We had an amazing time being outside, playing baseball, playing in the river and spending time together. The last time my parents saw Caroline, she had just had her heart surgery and I believe was still sedated so it was a big change for them to see her now.

Might be my favorite pic from the trip . . .

The boys' new favorite thing to do is play baseball. They were naturals at it.

Caroline's first time in a kayak.

Just having a little convo with Aunt Jenny.
The kids couldn't get enough of the river. Note to self . . . reapply sunscreen when you are out in the sun for several hours. We all ended up a little crispy!

Here's to you, Lauren!

Just two girls sitting lady like!

Gigi got some quality Caroline time! I love that Caroline looks so chunky in this picture. She isn't but it's fun to pretend.

First picture with all the grandkids. What a great little vacation we had!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little catch-up and some visitors

With physical therapy and occupational therapy every other week for Caroline, she is making great progress. She can almost sit-up completely by herself, is trying to grab things out of her reach, is eating baby food like a champ, and is a pro at rolling over. We have an appointment with the plastic surgeon on Monday about her left arm. We're anxious to know what comes out of that appointment.

Jack got his tonsils out last week. It was more rough on him than I thought it was going to be and his voice going up an octave has taken some getting used to. It's hard taking him seriously when he sounds like he has been sucking on a helium balloon. James has had a hard time sympathizing with Jack. He keeps saying, "He doesn't feel that bad!"

Cooper had his 3rd birthday party at the Children's Museum a couple weeks back and the kids had a blast!

Yes, Jack is scanning a pear!

A little unsure of silly uncle Robert.

Jack watching Lauren on the space TV.
Caroline got to meet Aunt Stacey for the first time. They connected right away.

My best friend from College, Rebecca, and her kids stopped by on their way to Mexico. Although Caroline freaked out at first at the prospect of new people being around, she adjusted quickly and Rebecca and Caroline got some great bonding time.
Rebecca's son, Isaiah, was born a couple months before the boys. It's not everyday that we get to play with another 5 year old that is the same size as Jack and James.
Caroline slept in her real bed in her own room last night. I really intended for her to sleep next to me for the rest of my life so I am a little sad that she did so well. She's been napping in there too. I walked in earlier and found her sound asleep like this . . .
Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

And, I feel two bottom teeth coming in. Should have some cute first teeth pictures coming soon!