Sunday, October 26, 2008


The other day, I realized that the boys had never been to the zoo. So, on a whim, we decided to take them to the Houston Zoo today. We talked it up a lot yesterday and all night last night and all morning this morning they continuously said, "Let's go see the animals!" We had a great time and got to see many animals up close and personal.

We got to see Nemo! That was exciting!

We got to see . . . well, I'm not really sure what this animal is but we sure did like it.

This is how we saw the elephants . . .

This is how the elephants saw us . . .
(they really were happy to be there. I promise!)

The Giraffes were Jesse and my favorite.

I'm pretty sure he was about to eat me!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today to find some great pumpkins for carving. The boys had a fun time running around with Lauren and looking at all the mostly strange looking pumpkins.

I was sure we were going to have to pay for many smashed pumpkins.

We only ended up getting one pumpkin for carving and two little ones for the boys. Hopefully we will get it carved this weekend and I will post more pics.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sleeping Update

Oh where to being . . .

Sunday night was great, I slept all night, the boys slept all night, I got up by my alarm clock and got ready for the day. As I walked out of the bedroom and headed toward the kitchen, I heard a little voice say, "Hi, Mommy!" Jack was just standing in the middle of the living room and I of course was caught a little off guard!

Monday night was also pretty good. When I checked on the boys before I went to be, I found them like this:

Not really the sweet, cuddly picture you would expect when someone says, "I found my boys sleeping in the same bed." This is some hardcore sleeping!

The boys slept for most of the night except for Jack who climbed in to Jesse's side of the bed at about 5:30. I didn't even know he was there though until almost 6.

Tuesday night made me want to cry. I felt like a new mommy all over again. The boys woke up screaming at 3:30 and both took off running through the house to our room. I probably put them back in their beds 10 times. At one point, I thought I heard them get up but they didn't come in to our room. I got up and went out into the living room and they were just hanging out in there thinking it was time to play. I think I finally got back to sleep around 5. Jack came back and got into bed with us at about 6:15.

Wednesday night wasn't good either. The boys woke up for the first time at midnight but it didn't take very long to get them back in to bed. I was woken up again by Jack getting in to our bed on Jesse's side at about 3:20. I thought I would try a new tactic and just tell him to go back to bed. He was pretty good about getting up but when he got to the door, he insisted that I go with him. He was trying to tell me something but I couldn't figure it out. So, I went with him to put him back in bed and when we got there, James was sound asleep in Jack's bed. I tried to persuade him to just sleep in James' bed but he wouldn't hear of it. So, I had to move James, which of course woke him up. Both boys then woke up and came back to our room at about 5:45. I decided since it was so close to time to wake up I would let them get in bed with us. They were both asleep instantly. Unfortunately, I don't sleep a wink when they are in bed with us and I had to get up at 6:15.

Thursday night was a great night. The boys slept in their beds all night. I woke up at 3:30 probably anticipating that I would hear from them again but I never did. I was woken up at about 5:55 by weird movements in the bed. When I looked, I saw both boys standing at the foot of our bed. We have a big sleigh bed so they were both on the bed, standing at the foot, staring at us. Kind of weird!!!!

Friday night . . . we'll see . . . let's all pray that they sleep in their beds all night until 9:00 A.M.ish!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It finally happened!

I knew this day was coming for a while . . . It all started last weekend when I went into the boys room to get them up from their nap and saw this . . .

I can assure you I didn't put them in the same crib.

Then, a couple days later, I went to get the boys in the morning and found them like this . . .

There are so many things wrong with this picture. Let's not even discuss why James doesn't have any pants on . . .

So, I decided that it was time to put the boys in toddler beds. They are exactly two and a half years old tomorrow so I guess I am lucky that we held out this long.

The process of changing the beds was an exciting one for the boys . . .

Yes, he is airborne and his pants are about to fall off . . .

and, they're off!

Can't jump with your shorts around your ankles!

And he's back in the game!

So, I finally got them all back together and the linens back on. It seems like just a week ago I took a picture very similar to this except I was nine months pregnant, we had just put their cribs together, and I was oblivious to the changes about to happen in my life.

Since I have been creating this post, the boys have already come out once and I had to go in once because of a loud bang. Currently, they are singing their ABC's! Oh, it is going to be a long night!