Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So far . . .

. . . this is my favorite picture of the holiday season.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh, I do LOVE Christmas!!

and my children seem to love it as much as I do. Well, at least these two so far.

Caroline will learn to love it as much as we do.

She already has that sweet innocence and perpetual joy. She is such a reflection of Jesus and His grace! What a blessing she is!

Unfortunately, Jack and James seem to love this part of Christmas the most . . .

I have been trying to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas. I definitely need to do a better job.

Oh, how I do love these Christmas tree pictures. I look forward to taking them for many, many years.

Some, medical updates . . . Caroline's cardiologist seemed concerned about her progress the last time we saw him. He wants to do a catheterization to check the pressures in her heart. This will be an inpatient procedure and will likely be sometime in early January. He also thought that her heart surgery would be sooner rather than later. Our next appointment with him is at the end of December so we will know more dates in a couple of weeks.

She had an appointment with the genetics counselor, nephrologist, and surgeon a couple weeks ago. They were all in Austin right across from the hospital where Caroline stayed. They were all pretty uneventful. It was pretty surreal being back there though carrying her in her carseat across the parking lot to visit the doctor instead of walking across the parking lot to go to her NICU room to visit her. She has come such a long way in a couple months. So many reasons to praise HIM this holiday season!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bow head

Never thought I would see the day when my daughter would have a bow on her head the size of her head. She looks pretty cute though!

Cardiologist appointment this week. Surgeon, nephrologist, and genetics counselor next week.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Lauren had the great idea that all the cousins go as the Incredibles family this year. They were a hit for sure!

Skyping Gigi and Papa before we headed out

Before . . .
At one house, the four of them went up to the door and when the lady opened it, she loudly said, "Oh my goodness, Get out of here!!!" James immediately took off running! Definitely the highlight of the evening.


My favorite picture of the night!

5 Halloweens

The ONLY picture from Halloween 2006. Man, was that a crappy night!

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2008. The cutest cowboys I have ever seen!

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2010

Can't wait to see next years pictures.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another go at pumpkins

Our pumpkins from last weekend deteriorated quickly so Jesse decided to carve our other three with the boys today.

This time, Caroline got in on the action!

Jesse's finished products . . .

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pumpkin carving 2010

Nothing like wrestling in the yard while the pumpkins get lit.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Since my last post, we have seen Caroline's cardiologist, pulmonologist, and pediatrician. She has gained about a pound and a half and is doing really well. She seems like a normal baby, is staying awake more, is more active, and has had a little bit of colic. That part hasn't been very fun but it is nice seeing her with some "normal" baby behaviors.

She is still on oxygen and will probably remain on it until her heart surgery. We got a little more information about that this week. They thought for a long time that she might have a double outlet right ventricle. I don't really understand what that defect is but it is certainly nice to know she doesn't have it.

So now, we are just dealing with the VSD. I found this picture which shows what the defect is. I think Caroline's is probably even larger than this one.

I asked the doctor if there is anyway that the hole would close on its own and she wouldn't have to have surgery. He said he has seen it happen so that is what we are praying for. Will you join me in that prayer? Wouldn't that be amazing if God closed the hole without surgery!! If she does have to have surgery, we are praying that it is a planned surgery (her heart doesn't fail suddenly) and that her heart will hold until early summer - well after flu season.

This picture shows two things: How much Caroline loves her brothers and how pale she is. The paleness is one of the side effects of her condition. We don't really notice it unless she is close to someone super tan like James.

Thanks for keeping up with us. We feel blessed everyday to have such an army of prayerful friends and family standing with us.