Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We've been working on a couple things!

Caroline started Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy about a month ago. She had her first real sessions last week and we have been given lots of activities to do with her. Jesse has been really good about working with her throughout the day and she has made great progress. The occupational therapist was very impressed last week with how much she had already changed from her initial evaluation to her first session. They are working on her arms and the physical therapist is working on getting her gross motor skills up to date.

I came home today and found out that she is now able to roll over!

In the video, we are working on two things: Caroline successfully rolling over and the boys successfully working the video camera. James kept treating it like a regular camera and kept turning the video off right when the action was happening. We had to practice with the camera quite a few times. Caroline was getting a little annoyed!

James' Video . . .

Jack's Video . . .